Tailgating for Mission Turns Football Fanatics into Missionaries

At Church of the Holy Trinity in Vicksburg, Mississippi, the advent of football season means an exodus from the pews that doesn't end until, well, Advent. With Ole Miss, Mississippi State, University of Southern Mississippi, LSU and Tulane all lying at least two or three hours away, our diehard football fans making the trek to their alma mater don't make it back for Sunday Services.

Our rector, Beth Palmer, after surveying the 'faithful remnant' for several years, hit upon the idea of commissioning all these travelers for ministry.

So this past Sunday, we held a tailgating for mission party between the 8 and 10:30 services. She invited everyone to bring their tailgating paraphernalia, dress in school colors, and bring tailgating food to share. She then commissioned our football missionaries to go forth in the name of Christ and spread the Gospel by word and actions (especially sportsmanlike conduct) while in Oxford, Starkville, Hattiesburg, Baton Rouge or New Orleans. She charged them to return after football season with stories of their journey.

The events were festive (and the turnout large), as our many football fanatics competed to show who had the best school spirit. Our photos capture a bit of that, as Steve Golding presented a calm and reasoned argument for Mississippi State's supremacy, Carol George promised that USM would beat State, or at least win one or two games, and Ray Hume led the Ole Miss faithful in a full-voiced Hotty Toddy chant. Tulane was represented tastefully, and LSU dominated the room with a larger-than-life inflatable Mike the Tiger.

All in good fun, and all in the service of our Lord Jesus. Who says Church can't be fun?


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