Last Sunday (10/6/19), we had the Rector's Forum discussing all positive things happening in Vicksburg, and that topic will continue for the next few Sundays. A distinguished panel joined us 10/6. Thank you!

Starting Sunday, August 4th through the rest of the year. Expanding the Sunday Experience

                   8 AM        Holy Eucharist Rite I  Chapel

              9:15 AM        Formation for all ages

            10:15 AM        Holy Eucharist Rite II  Nave


Sunday August 4th - Confirmation Classes McInnis Parish Hall

 9/8 - Bishop Seage visits                           9/29 - Kickoff celebration        commemorating the founding of the Church of the Holy Trinity 150 years ago

Come share the sacrament of Holy Eucharist and the word of God.

The Trinity Cookbook is Now Available. Purchase Yours Below.

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Our Mission is to proclaim the gospel and the love of Jesus Christ by sharing His spirit in worship and in the ministry to the needs of our congregation and our community.