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The Church of the Holy Trinity

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December 6, 2018


RE: Selection of Holy Trinity’s next rector!


Hello new friends,

My name is Andy Andrews. I am delighted and humbled to be called, by

your vestry and with the blessing of Bishop Seage, to be your next rector.

I live upstream in Memphis and have served as Dean of St. Mary’s

Episcopal Cathedral for the last 11 years. It has been a great joy since the

Cathedral is a historic faith community that is strong in membership,

resources, spiritual offerings and diversity.

I was born and raised in Greenville and still have beloved family there. For

22 years, I’ve served the church in ordained leadership. Anne and I have

been married for 18 years. We have three children – Ferris, Sam and Will

- who we are so proud of. I feel my best era of ministry and being alive is

yet to come.

There are many reasons I feel drawn to serve with you all. First and

foremost, I am responding to what appears to be God’s invitation. I am

trying to be most faithful to the One who has not let me down yet. Also,

the search team was fabulous and filled with wonderful individuals. They

shared your dream for a true partnership of priest and faithful people

making God’s love known in a fresh way. They explained your hope to

deepen your relationship with Christ and expand your sacred bond with

others. I sensed their love for the church and even more for each other.

They conveyed Holy Trinity’s rich tradition of serving Warren County in a

caring way for close to 150 years. I love this kind of ministry. This inspires

me to want to join in your good work.

I want to thank your leadership for this honor and privilege of selecting me

as the church’s 15th rector. The warm hospitality already experienced and

received from many of you is overwhelming. I am reminded of

Lamentations 3:22-23, “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, the

mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning…”

Please know that in mid-February 2019, I am at your service to help inspire

you be the best God made you to be in Christ. I pledge to totally open

myself to cherish, nurture and love each and every one of you in sure and

certain hope that you will do the same for my family and me.

Until then, there are many sacred duties to fulfill like enjoying a holy

Advent and celebrating mightily a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

I bid your prayer for me, Anne, our children and Anne’s parents as we say

goodbye to an abundance of good friends and begin our transition to you.


Yours in Christ,

Andy Andrews

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